With one of the largest financial crunches across the globe behind us, the majority of U.K. residents have learned to pay much more attention to exactly where their money is going over the period of a year. Studies have also been launched all across the region in order to see just where the average family is placing their pounds. While a large number of the monthly expenditures are what one would expect, many come as a surprise to people diving into this matter.

Putting a Little Aside

The average household is certainly saving more than they did in the past. People are putting aside an average of 4.7 pounds per week. Although this number may seem small, this figure is up from previous years. The South of England actually topped the charts in savings by putting away roughly 8 pounds per week. The savings add up over time, making it clear that people are considering emergency funding in addition to their financial future to be an issue that carries much more weight.

Out of the Ordinary Expenditures

The largest surprise concerning the trends in people’s spending comes in the form of gaming and gambling. This kind of entertainment outranked all others in the nation. People spent more on gaming than on visiting parks, patronizing museums, going to concerts, and attending the cinema. British households have been spending as much as 3.2 pounds on gambling each week. This figure is up from previous years by an average of 50 pent.

The Gamble Pays Off

Despite one’s feeling on gambling, these kinds of expenditures for families are actually paying off in some regions when you look at the numbers as a whole. In the northeastern portions of England, the average family engaged in gaming was coming out on top by an estimated 4 pounds per week. However, the remaining areas have not been so lucky. Most people lost money with the exception of a few large winners. Northern Ireland residents shelled out an average of 4 pounds per week while only pocketing 1.5 pounds in winnings. The games being considered in the figures include bingo, sporting pools, lottos, and bookmakers.

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