Manuel Valls Jean-Marc AyraultFrench president Mr. Hollande has appointed Mr. Valls as the country’s next prime minister. This comes amid a huge slump in popularity for Hollande. Hollande is head of the ruling Socialist party that saw declines in popularity compared to the conservative far –right National Front (NF). Mr. Valles is to replace former PM Jean-Marc Ayrault, whose office confirmed his resignation on Monday morning.


As the second round of municipal elections closed on Sunday, the Socialist party lost more than 150 towns and cities with over 9,000 inhabitants. The FN won control over 11 towns, mainly in the south. A third political party, the UMP, a center right political party, captured a number of key cities, including; Toulouse, Quimper, Limoges and Saint-Etienne. The Socialist party has struggled to keep unemployment down and boost economic growth. The biggest loss for the Socialist party however, is the loss of Paris, even though their candidate, Anne Hidalgo, is set to become the cities first female mayor.


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